NCGA Communications Shine at NAMA Region II Awards

January 11, 2019

NCGA Communications Shine at NAMA Region II Awards

Jan 11, 2019

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Author: Beth Musgrove

Yesterday, the National Corn Growers Association and its CommonGround were recognized for excellence at the National Agri-Marketing Association’s Region II Awards Ceremony. NCGA’s World of Corn Publication, which is sponsored by Bayer, took the first-place award for Company Publications- Annual Report. CommonGround, one of the programs managed by NCGA’s Consumer Engagement Action Team, won the first-place award for Social Media Campaigns Directed to Consumers for its series of carpool moments videos.


See these videos by clicking here.


To see the World of Corn, click here.


“Consumers have many questions about how farmers and ranchers grow and raise food. It is understandable given their desire to raise healthy, happy families,’ said NCGA Consumer Engagement Action Team Chair Ted Mottaz. “Through programs such as CommonGround, NCGA works to bridge the gap from farm to plate so that families who buy the foods we raise can feel confident in their choices.


“When farmers fail to tell their story, someone else will. Often, that someone might tell a story far different than what we see as true. By reaching out, sharing our stories, our values and truly listening, we can build trust in American agriculture, preserving demand for our products and maintaining our ability to use the tools and technologies upon which we rely.”


CommonGround brings together NCGA with state corn, soy and peanut affiliates. Through the work of farm women volunteers, CommonGround connects women on and off the farm for conversations about how food is grown and raised so that everyone can enjoy food without the fear.


Since it launched in November of 2010, CommonGround has made more than 670 million consumer conversations. With more than 200 volunteers, CommonGround state affiliates host an activity somewhere in the country almost every other day.


The program focuses on ten areas of interest to consumers including farm ownership; GMOs; food safety; antibiotics and animal health; hormones in meat and milk; organic and local foods; food prices; sustainability; and advanced breeding techniques.


The World of Corn, released annually and distributed in Progressive Farmer, provides a visual, useful presentation of the most relevant corn-related statistics from the prior year.