NCGA CEO at Equality Summit

March 28, 2019

NCGA CEO Jon Doggett this week attended the Bloomberg Equality Summit in New York. The full-day summit sought to “foster forward-looking conversations and spotlight successful business leaders who are paving the way.”


Doggett’s participation was part of NCGA’s commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse organization.


“Being a part of the Equality Summit was a great opportunity to learn from successful leaders about their inclusivity strategies, and think about ways to implement them across NCGA,” Doggett said. “It was inspiring and thought-provoking to be a part of this important event.”


Doggett highlighted a quote from one of the panel sessions, “diversity and inclusion are not barriers to overcome but opportunities to be seized,” as an important takeaway from the event.


You can learn more about the Bloomberg Equality Summit online -