Crappie Masters Tournament Season in Full Swing

April 24, 2019

Crappie Masters Tournament Season in Full Swing

Apr 24, 2019

Key Issues:Ethanol

Author: Cathryn Wojcicki

The Crappie Masters Tournament Trail is half over with anglers already competing in nine tournaments across the country. Seven tournaments remain, including the National Championship in September at Grenada Lake in Mississippi.


Last weekend, anglers came to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri to compete in a one-day tournament. The winning team was Kevin Jones and Billy Don Surface, who is sponsored by the Missouri Corn Growers Association and American Ethanol. They competed against 98 other teams. The team turned in seven crappies, the most allowed to be turned in for the weigh-in, with a combined weight of 11 pounds.


During a Facebook Live Interview with Brian Sowers, the voice of Crappie Masters, he told the National Corn Growers Association “The message we are trying to put out there is using E10 fuel in your boat. There’s no other outdoor fishing organization talking about supporting the farmers, supporting cleaner water and cleaner air.”


NCGA is a co-sponsor of Crappie Masters. The tournament winning team for the past four years has used E10 fuel with no reported engine issues.


To see highlights from the tournament, click here. To learn more about Crappie Masters and view the rest of the schedule, click here. You can also search Crappie Masters on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for tournament updates, results and live video streaming.