U.S. Remains A Model in Farming Productivity for Much of the World

April 2, 2019

U.S. Remains A Model in Farming Productivity for Much of the World

Apr 2, 2019

Author: Mark Lambert

In the U.S. we often take food security and nutrition for granted, but that is not the case in many areas of the globe, where nations constantly work on developing better, more strategic approaches to food production and marketing. A team of overseas visitors recently visited the National Corn Growers Association with this in mind.


Scientists, government officials representing agriculture, food and rural development, and even a company that works with students in schools in under-served areas met with key NCGA staff recently. Representatives from Mozambique, Senegal, Bangladesh, Thailand, and the Philippines met with Nathan Fields, NCGA vice president of production and sustainability, and Robyn Allscheid, NCGA director of research and productivity.


The meeting ended up being a free-wheeling discussion related to how U.S. agricultural production works. Fields stated the group had a special interest in how U.S. farmers achieve the consistent high yields they do, the role technology adoption plays in this productivity, and how a grassroots group like NCGA plays a role in political, social, environmental and economic forces that influence U.S. policies and food security.