Meet the FY20 Corn Board Candidates: Tom Haag

June 25, 2019

Meet the FY20 Corn Board Candidates: Tom Haag

Jun 25, 2019

Author: Mary Quigley

This article is part of a series profiling candidates for the 2020 Corn Board.


Having served one term on the National Corn Growers Association, Tom Haag is running for re-election to continue serving his fellow farmers. A team-oriented leader with the ability to find real solutions, he sees Corn Board service as an important way to contribute to his industry in a concrete manner.


As a Corn Board member, Haag brings an ability to collaborate well while also acting as a strong voice on the association’s behalf to members and external stakeholders. By carefully considering the many strengths and weaknesses of all possible approaches to multifaceted issues, he consistently shares well-reasoned insights and adds depth to important conversations.


“NCGA’s strength comes from a combination of its excellent grower leadership, dedicated staff and consistent reliance upon a grassroots approach. Looking forward, we must not only continue to draw upon these strengths but push ourselves even further to create the social, political, economic and regulatory landscape in which future generations of our families can continue to flourish on the farm.”


Haag places the highest priority on ethanol, while also valuing water quality and freedom-to-operate issues that ensure farmers maintain the ability to grow a safe, abundant crop and growing markets to support the financial future of U.S. corn.


Recently, NCGA’s Off the Cob podcast series sat down with Haag to discuss the most important topics, from what inspires such service to his goals for the organization and to gain his perspectives on leadership.


To listen to the full interview, click here.


Also, stay tuned as NCGA will also feature detailed candidate profiles this week as growers prepare for the 2019 July Corn Congress in Washington, which will be held July 17 and 18.