First-Time Corn Ambassador Training Held in Minnesota

July 24, 2019

First-Time Corn Ambassador Training Held in Minnesota

Jul 24, 2019

Author: Mary Quigley

Growers gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota this week for the first class of the NCGA Corn Ambassadors, co-sponsored by Syngenta. The class included 16 aspiring leaders from 7 states. The purpose of this training is to inspire this next generation of leaders to be an envoy to bring new members and advocates to join their state corn association.


At the meeting, participants got an inside look at the important role played by their corn associations and Syngenta trainers provided exposure to hands-on sales tools that will help energize recruitment and political engagement in their state association.


The attendees used the DiSC assessment to review their personal communications style, understand the styles of others and learn how to adapt or flex their personal style to better communicate with others. They also received training in understanding generational differences, motives for decision making, understanding their personal mission, motivation, and opportunities, and constructed a personal plan for the next steps to take. The participants also heard from motivational speaker, Dave Cornell, who spoke about cultivating the courage to push through fears and achieve their goals.  Growers also toured the Syngenta Seed Care Institute in Stanton, Minnesota.


“I am excited to see these new leaders who want to take on an active role in the association, especially to drive an increase in membership,” said Brandon Hunnicutt, a grower from Giltner, Nebraska and chair of NCGA’s Engaging Members Committee. “We are also very grateful to Syngenta for their generous support of our membership program and trainings like the Corn Ambassadors.”


“We are pleased to partner with NCGA throughout the year and to specifically sponsor their Corn Ambassadors conference to share ideas and tactics for helping grow their membership,” said Mary Kay Thatcher, Sr. Lead, Federal Government Relations at Syngenta.


This year’s Corn Ambassadors Class includes: Ann Cross (Colo.), Kerri Bell (Iowa), Nick Davis (Iowa), Jocelyn Schlicting Hicks (Minn.), Travis Stewart (Minn.), Ashleigh Fischer (Mo.), Brice Fischer (Mo.), Trent Frye (Kan.), Kyler Millershaski (Kan.), Deb Ohlde (Kan.), Karson Duncanson (Minn.), Dirk Diehl (Mo.), Natoshia Diehl (Mo.), Brian Brown (Neb.), Michael Dibbern (Neb.), and Justin Minnaert (S.D.).