Plant Breeding Meeting Hosts Key Players in the Future of Corn

August 28, 2019

Plant Breeding Meeting Hosts Key Players in the Future of Corn

Aug 28, 2019

Key Issues:Production

Author: Mary Quigley

NCGA is sponsoring a meeting this week attended by more than 400 plant breeders from industry and academia. The group, which will play a key role in the future of new corn varieties, are gathered at the 2019 National Association of Plant Breeders Annual Meeting in Pine Mountain, Georgia, to discuss cutting-edge research advances important to the breeding community.


While corn is just one of many crops represented at the meeting, the common language and goals of plant breeding mean that advances in other crops can be shared and provide benefits broadly. The meeting includes updates from USDA programs, field and facility tours at University of Georgia campus, and many opportunities for students and early career faculty to develop professional networks. NCGA is proud to be among the sponsors of the NAPB meeting.


"Events like these provide invaluable opportunities to share our perspective with those developing the next generation of varieties our growers need to continue growing a plentiful and safe source of food, feed and fuel for the world," said Robyn Allscheid, NCGA director of research & productivity.