Tell EPA: Waivers Are Gutting the RFS

August 20, 2019

Tell EPA: Waivers Are Gutting the RFS

Aug 20, 2019

Key Issues:EthanolFarm Policy

Author: Mary Quigley

Corn farmers have until August 30 to submit comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), urging the agency to keep the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) whole. Farmer comments are critically important following EPA’s recent announcement of waivers to big oil.


EPA’s annual RFS volume proposal seeks to increase total renewable fuel blending by 120 million gallons and maintain an implied conventional ethanol requirement of 15 billion gallons. But these volumes are meaningless amid EPA's expansion of retroactive RFS waivers for refineries, which now total 4.04 billion ethanol-equivalent gallons. 


EPA’s proposal fails to account for projected waivers and ignores a 2017 court decision that EPA improperly cut 500 million gallons of renewable fuels blending in 2016.

Tell EPA the agency must account for waived gallons in the volume rule in order to keep the RFS whole.