Preserving Water Quality and Quantity a Key Priority for Corn States

September 13, 2019

Preserving Water Quality and Quantity a Key Priority for Corn States

Sep 13, 2019

State and NCGA staff who deal with environmental and sustainability issues like water quality met in Colorado this week to discuss efforts by farmers to assure both the quality and quantity of water society will need in the future.


The Water Quality Working Group, representing 11 states from Ohio to Colorado, discussed successes and compared notes on challenges farmers face as they increase sustainability efforts while balancing society’s future need for increased productivity.


Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District hosted the meeting and provided a close-up look at how they manage and conserve water to meet the needs of the growing population and a flourishing agricultural industry in what was once known as “the great American desert.”


The group was also briefed on the Natural Resources, Conservation Service’s ongoing Conservation Effects Assessment Program. Information and data collected through this initiative is expected to reflect the positive impact of increased conservation on modern farms as well as identify pathways for continued improvement.


The group also discussed hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico and toured the Agricultural Research, Demonstration and Educational Center at Colorado State University.