Linder Looks Toward Building on Strengths in FY20

October 9, 2019

Linder Looks Toward Building on Strengths in FY20

Oct 9, 2019

Author: Beth Musgrove

The National Corn Growers Association entered a new fiscal year on October 1 and seated the 2020 Corn Board with John Linder of Edison, Ohio assuming the position of first vice president.  Off the Cob spoke with him to delve into his views on what lies ahead for farmers in the upcoming years and his thoughts on the important role farmers play in NCGA as a grassroots organization.


Looking at the year ahead, Linder looks forward to working with the talented team already in place, in both the states and nationally, to maximize these human assets and tap into both the board and membership to maximize NCGA’s impact.


“It’s going to be a great year to explore the opportunity because that is what we are really out here looking for – opportunities for corn farmers,” said Linder. “I’m really looking forward to making the membership feel like they really have a place in our organization. With all of us together, we should be positioning for success.”


Over the coming years, he sees importance in both the near-term goals, such as full ratification of the U.S.-Canada-Mexico trade agreement and to long-term opportunities, such as continuing work to grow markets for ethanol.


Linder, notes that like so many leaders, engagement becomes a passion that is hard to turn off once you become engaged. For those looking to take the first step, he explains that every voice matters and taking action can be easier than it seems.


“I believe that every farmer believes in agriculture. So, we do need every farmer to find their voice. We are well prepared at NCGA to give them the tools to do exactly that and to find their voice.”


For those who want a simple, quick way to be involved, he strongly urges use of the NCGA app. Noting that everyone gets so busy in today’s world, he encourages farmers to try the app as it empowers them to make a difference in just about as much time as it would take to check the markets.


For more information on the app, click here.


“We need every corn farmer who is willing to pick up their phone, look at the app, get involved, because that is what we need to be successful. We need every farmer to join their voice with us.”


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