NCGA Engages with the Next Generation of Leaders

November 13, 2019

NCGA Engages with the Next Generation of Leaders

Nov 13, 2019

Author: Julie Busse

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) had the opportunity to participate in the  Agriculture Future of America Leaders Conference (AFALC) in Kansas City, Missouri. AFALC offers four different and distinct tracks for college students to assist them in developing both personally and professionally. The tracks vary based on where students are within their college journey.


“These are the future leaders of our industry and it is great to represent America’s corn farmers to talk about opportunities with NCGA and the industry,” said NCGA Manager of Market Development Michael Granché.


Granché helped staff a booth where he engaged with students about NCGA and student opportunities within the association. Granché also served on a roundtable, where he discussed his career path with students and answered their questions about association work as well as offering advice for navigating academia and career.


While there, Michael was reunited with NCGA former intern, Emily Keiser, who was participating in the conference’s third track. Keiser anticipates graduation this spring from South Dakota University.