NCGA’s Annual Report Reflects On Significant Wins Amidst Challenging Times

February 4, 2020

The National Corn Growers Association’s Ann ual Report for the 2019 fiscal year is now available online.  The report highlights memorable events and victories accomplished in a year characterized by weather and policy challenges.


“NCGA was in some pretty amazing positions in 2019. From sharing the stage with President Trump to having a beer with the Coors family after the Super Bowl attack on corn sweetener,” said 2019 NCGA First Vice President Kevin Ross from Iowa. “We are constantly prepared to engage, and we are looking for new allies and new conversations to represent corn growers better.” 


Through unruly weather, flooding, sluggish markets and trade disruptions, NCGA members kept moving forward together to reach long-term, strategic goals to improve prices and the overall future of the industry. As the year ended NCGA’s grassroots efforts resulted in several major trade victories, a strong support system through the farm bill, and more opportunity for E15 and other higher-octane fuel.


“NCGA’s involvement in shaping and then implementing the farm bill is one of the true success stories of 2019,” said 2019 NCGA President and Nebraska farmer Lynn Chrisp. “Taken in conjunction with the second Market Facilitation Program payment and you have great examples of how NCGA is making a difference for members.”


Times and technology change but being heard in numbers, being persistent and doing it in a professional way still works. Whether it’s planting yourself on a member of Congress’s couch in Washington, D.C. or tweeting via your phone, everything counts, Chrisp and Ross agree.  NCGA has documented more than 12,600 messages to Congress and to various regulatory agencies in 2019, and this doesn’t count the state corn growers contacts who managed their own grassroots efforts.


The report also calls out efforts to develop new markets for corn such as biobased products and next-generation chemicals; working with the livestock industry promoting corn’s promise as a feedstock; NCGA’s efforts to expand economics-based sustainability initiatives; and NCGA’s financial statement. 


Click  here for The NCGA Annual Report