Get the Low Down on Weed Resistance from the Experts

March 17, 2020

Get the Low Down on Weed Resistance from the Experts

Mar 17, 2020

Key Issues:Production

Author: Mark Lambert

Welcome to the Take Action Webinar Series on new developments in herbicide-resistance management. If you have questions or concerns about herbicide resistance management you can get some answers Thursday, March 19, at 10 a.m.


The sixth installment of the Take Action Webinar Series features two presentations:


Part 1: Status of On-Combine Seed Destruction Technologies Kevin Bradley, Ph.D., University of Missouri Part 2: Chemical Control System Mixing Issues Joe Ikely, Ph.D., North Dakota State University.


Take Action is a farmer-focused education platform funded by soy checkoff and National Corn Growers Association through state checkoff support. The program is designed to help farmers and their advisors manage herbicide, fungicide and insect resistance.


The goal is to encourage the adoption of management practices that lessen the impact of resistant pests and preserve current and future crop protection technology.


The Take Action Webinar Series aims to bring you the latest information and research on various topics related to pesticide resistance management. For more information on Take Action, visit