Meet the FY21 Corn Board Candidates: Kenneth Hartman, Jr.

July 7, 2020

Meet the FY21 Corn Board Candidates: Kenneth Hartman, Jr.

Jul 7, 2020

Author: Julie Busse

Looking beyond the curve and embracing innovative thinking, Illinois farmer Kenneth Hartman, Jr. aims to improve the corn industry for the years to come. Seeking another term on the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Corn Board, Kenneth hopes to continue his service to NCGA as he feels the work of this grassroots-oriented organization puts members first without being dominated by personal agendas.


“I would like to continue my service on the NCGA Corn Board to help find opportunities for today’s producers while, at the same time, looking to find the long-term opportunities that will make us profitable and sustainable in the future. By working hard today, we can position U.S. corn farmers for a successful future, offering solutions that better the nation as a whole.”


Hartman strongly believes that it is imperative for board members to be dedicated, sharing both their talents and experiences for the betterment of NCGA’s members and holding themselves to a higher standard than they would even hold others. A dedicated team player, he hopes to strengthen grower profitability and the livelihood of America’s family farms.


Hartman is a fifth-generation farmer who operates a grain farm in Waterloo, Illinois, along with his wife, Anita, mother, Joann, and daughter, Amanda. Together, they have also raised specialty crops such as tofu soybeans and white corn. From the very beginning, they adopted precision farming technologies.


You can view Hartman’s Corn Board candidate video here.