Farm to Virtual Fair Contest Winners Highlight the Benefits of a Corn Fed Diet

November 17, 2020

Farm to Virtual Fair Contest Winners Highlight the Benefits of a Corn Fed Diet

Nov 17, 2020

Key Issues:Animal Agriculture

Author: Julie Busse

This fair season, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) hosted a virtual contest to give 4-H and FFA members an opportunity to showcase their show animals and the benefits of using corn in the feed ration.


 “There’s a lot of work that goes into caring for livestock, and with many local, county and state fairs being canceled this year, we wanted to celebrate the hard work that goes into a fair season with this contest,” said NCGA Market Development Manager Michael Granché. “This was an opportunity to get the next generation of farmers and livestock producers to incorporate and learn about the benefits of a corn-fed diet.”


Three winners were selected based on social media engagement, photo quality and the post text.  The first-place winner will win $300, second place will receive $200, and third place will get $100.


The following posts were the winners of the contest:


  • First-Place: “Sheep love corn and find it very palatable. It covers their nutrient requirements for energy. However, you must acclimate them to corn slowly from a young age! #mycornfedbarn #babylambs”
  • Second-Place: “Corn is a major energy feed fed to pigs. Pigs love to eat it. From eating corn, my pigs get so much energy we have to take them for walks. From birth to market, it’s all about the corn. #MyCornFedBarn”
  • Third-Place: “Getting ready for the fair not only means growth from their mom's milk but good Nebraska corn. #MyCornFedBarn #FutureMilkingDoes”


 To enter the contest, participants had to follow NCGA (@corngrowers) on Instagram, tag NCGA in the post and use the hashtag #MyCornFedBarn. Participants could enter a photo or video explaining why they use corn in their feed ration.