Field Notes: Firsthand Insight from America’s Corn Farmers

April 13, 2020

Field Notes: Firsthand Insight from America’s Corn Farmers

Apr 13, 2020

Key Issues:Production

Author: Cathryn Wojcicki

Last week, Field Notes reached out to farmers to find out how planting is progressing on their farmers. This week, NCGA kicks off the tenth season in an exciting new blog format. Check back for quick looks into what real farmers see in terms of crop progress and gain insight into how the crop of 2020 is doing from firsthand sources.


Lowell Neitzel – Lawrence, Kansas


“The good thing is that I have started planting a few acres but not too many given the changing weather conditions. Those acres might be okay. They might not. We’ll see, but we had to get started some time. There’s a lot of corn to plant and, as long as we could get some in the ground and shut the planters off, it made sense to take a chance.”


Jim Raben – Ridgway, Illinois


“We have planted the last few weeks of March or first few of April in the past. It needs to dry out. The river is still high, and the ground is too wet to really work.”