Exposing Students to the Possibilities of Ag is a Critical Effort

Nourish the Future, a program made possible by farmer‑funded state corn checkoff programs across the U.S., provides excellent teaching resources that have become even more important as teachers tackle online education. The mission is to teach the ag-based curriculum in the science classroom, inspire students to solve real-world science issues, and inspiring students to fill the job gap in agriculture-related careers, many of which go unfilled.


Twenty teachers from 15 different states were recruited as part of the Teacher Leadership Community and attended Commodity Classic, where they received exposure to the industry and training on curriculum. 


Teachers stay engaged through ongoing professional development webinars and an online Slack community. 

Teachers are required to write one new lesson and conduct a training session using the curriculum at the local, state, regional, or national levels. 


All lessons written by the Teacher Leaders will be available through the Nourish the Future website.


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FOUR Scholarships. Endless Opportunities. The grower-members who make up the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) are committed to broadening educational opportunities and open doors to students who are passionate to serve rural America and keep their family farms thriving.  In 2021, we have expanded our scholarship offerings for four distinct audiences:   NEW! Research Students Technical School/Community College Students Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Also, please check the State Corn Association Scholarship opportunities below.   To become a member of NCGA, click here.   Find out more

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