Key Issues

46% GHG Reduction
Corn ethanol reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 46% compared to regular gasoline.

$43 Billion Added To GDP
Ethanol contributed more than $43 billion to the Gross Domestic Product and added $23 billion to household income.

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31% Fewer Emissions
Since 1980, corn production has seen a 31% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions per bushel.

41% More Energy Efficient
The energy used to produce a bushel of corn has decreased by 41%.

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$4.56 Billion USMCA Valuation
In 2018, 21.4 million metric tons of corn and corn co-products were exported to Mexico and Canada, valued at $4.56 billion.

36,480 Jobs Supported
Mexico and Canada exports produced $5.79 billion in economic activity, supported 36,480 jobs and 300,000 farms.

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Your Story Can Make a Difference

When you are engaged in our grassroots efforts, you are part of thousands of corn growers across America that are shaping the laws that impact your farm, your family, and your community. Make your needs heard.

Take Action

Become an advocate.

Policies and regulations are being discussed in Washington, D.C. every day.  You can help shape the discussion by being involved in the political process at the state and national level.