Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I obtain an NCGA Membership number to create a contest entry?


A: Call 636-733-5512 or email You will need to provide your name, mailing address, phone number and email address.


Q: What is the difference between the Grower Login and Sales Rep Login


A: The Grower Login is for the individual grower and houses all entries for the one selected grower. The Grower Login requires the membership number and postal code to create an entry. The Sales Rep Login is created to access multiple growers. The Sales Rep Login requires the Rep email address and personal password they created to access multiple growers they have created entries for. Individual Grower membership numbers are initially needed and obtained from NCGA. Entries created while in the Sales Rep Login will house the information year-to-year.


Q: How many entries can I have in the contest?


A: There is no limit on the number of contest entries, but a member can only win one NCGA award regardless of the number of entries


Q: Can I make changes to my entry after it has been submitted?


A: No, however you can contact NCGA for any edits after your entry has been submitted if needed.


Q: Can the contest plot be interplanted?


A: A contest plot must be 10 continuous acres of only one hybrid


Q: When can I enter my harvest results if I harvest earlier than the harvest entry opens?


A: Though we request harvest results be entered no later than two weeks after harvest, we understand this may not apply to some Southern locations. Please retain your yield documents and submit your harvest entry when the harvest form becomes available.


Q: Must a Supervisor be listed before completing an entry?


A: Yes, one approved Supervisor must be listed on the contest entry. Two supervisors are required on the harvest for a recheck if the first check yields 325 bu/ac or greater


Q:  Who can supervisor the harvest?


A: NCGA will approve supervisors active or retired from any of the following positions:

FFA Advisor

Vocational Agricultural Instructor

County Extension Agent or Assistant

Natural Resources Conservation Service Employees (NRCS)

Soil & Water Conservation District Employees (SWCD)

Farm Credit Service Officer

Bank Ag Loan Officer

Private Crop Consultant or Agronomist

College of Agriculture Instructor

American Society of Farm Managers Accredited Farm Manager

Crop Insurance Agent/AdjustorApproved State Association staff member

Current NCGA Stewardship Action Team member

Current Membership & Consumer Engagement Action Team member

Corn Board members


Q: How do I add a new Supervisor?


A: In the ADD SUPERVISOR section on the contest entry, select ADD NEW SUPERVISOR to input the new supervisor’s information. Any entry containing an added new supervisor is flagged for NCGA to review and verify. A new supervisor can also be added by contacting NCGA via phone 636-733-5512 or email