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August 29, 2023

Corn Growers Disappointed in EPA’s WOTUS Rule

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) expressed disappointment with the revised Waters of...

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July 10, 2023

NCGA Urges Advocates and Allies to Ask Congress to Advance Farm Bill

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) launched a campaign today that encourages advocates...

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February 1, 2023

NCGA to Corn Growers: 2022 Census of Agriculture Due Next Week Feb. 6

The National Corn Growers Association is reminding corn growers that the deadline to respond to...

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January 30, 2023

NCGA Joins Effort to Protect Crop Insurance as a Critical Risk Management Tool

The National Corn Growers Association joined over 60 groups in sending letters to key decision...

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December 6, 2022

A Look at the Ins & Outs of Washington in 2022

It has been an incredibly busy year with many interesting twists and turns along the way. As...

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October 19, 2022

NCGA on SPR Release: Ethanol is Key for Increasing Fuel Supply, Lowering Prices at the Pump

With the Department of Energy’s announcement to release 15 million barrels of oil from the...

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October 19, 2022

Bipartisan Senators to EPA: “Biofuels Are Ready to Meet the Moment”

Thirteen senators wrote U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan today...

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September 28, 2022

USDA Expands PACE Coverage

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) applauded the U.S. Department of Agriculture today...

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September 28, 2022

EP. 38 - Winning in the Margins for Corn, with Outgoing NCGA President Chris Edgington

As Chris Edgington wraps up his term as NCGA President, we look back at the meaningful progress...

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September 27, 2022

NCGA Calls on Farmers to Contact EPA Regarding Atrazine

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) is encouraging growers to join its call-to-action...

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September 22, 2022

NCGA Expresses Support for Alexis Taylor Nomination After Ag Senate Hearing

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) praised the credentials of Alexis Taylor today and...

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September 15, 2022

NCGA Applauds Efforts to End Rail Crisis

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) on Thursday said a tentative agreement between...

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September 13, 2022

NCGA: Rail Disruption Would Affect Farmers, Congressional Involvement Needed

As the country braces for a possible large scale interruption on Friday to freight rail service...

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September 1, 2022

As a Long, Hot, Productive Summer Comes to an End, Corn Growers Focus on Policy Priorities this Fall and Beyond

If there is anything unforgettable about Washington, it’s that the nation’s capital gets hot and...

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August 25, 2022

NCGA Sees Missed Opportunities in California’s New Vehicle Requirements

The California Air Resources Board today approved standards for model-year 2026 and later...

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August 23, 2022

NCGA Applauds New Round of USDA Grants to Extend Infrastructure for Biofuels

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced today that USDA is now accepting...

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August 22, 2022

Corn Growers Encouraged to Complete USDA Surveys

  The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is in the process of surveying...

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August 16, 2022

Farmers are Adopting Advanced Technology and Employing Environmentally Smart Practices to Protect America’s Waterways

Over the last decade, farmers have been employing some of the most innovative practices in...

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August 16, 2022

President Biden Signs Bill Providing New Support for On-Farm Conservation and Biofuels as Climate Solutions

President Biden today signed a bill into law that addresses issues ranging from health care to...

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August 8, 2022

Inflation Reduction Act Passes U.S. Senate

The Senate on Sunday, voting along party lines, passed the Inflation Reduction Act of...

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August 2, 2022

EP. 37 - UAN Fertilizer Tariffs Rejected by the International Trade Commission: A Big Win for Growers

Two key players who argued their case on behalf of NCGA discuss the win and what it means for...

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August 1, 2022

To Successfully Shape 2023 Farm Bill, Corn Growers Encouraged to Build Bridges with Groups Outside of the Ag Community

After Abraham Lincoln became president in 1861, he appointed to his cabinet the very opponents...

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July 28, 2022

Winning in the Margins

Growing up, I often fantasized about winning those little league games in dramatic style, with a...

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July 27, 2022

Opinion: Farming with one hand tied behind our backs?

Agri-Pulse July 26, 2022   The world is facing serious food and energy shortages as an...

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July 26, 2022

National Corn Growers Association Applauds Senate Introduction of Next Generation Fuels Act

In a step forward for energy security and the nation’s consumers, Senator Charles Grassley...

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July 21, 2022

EP. 36 -  The 2023 Farm Bill: A Panel Discussion at this Summer's Corn Congress

Thought leaders from D.C. discuss important considerations for the upcoming farm bill...

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July 20, 2022

Federal Crop Insurance a Top Priority to Farmers, NCGA Grower Leader Tells Congress

Federal crop insurance is essential to farming and should be protected from harmful budget cuts...

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July 14, 2022

Corn Growers, Working to Feed and Fuel the World, Call on Biden Administration for Help with Skyrocketing Input costs, Burdensome Regulations

As farmers work to feed and fuel the world, filling the void left by the war in Ukraine,...

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June 30, 2022

NCGA Expresses Disappointment in EPA’s Revision to Atrazine’s Registration

A Move that Could Restrict Access to a Critical Crop Protection Tool   The U.S. Environmental...

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June 23, 2022

Farmers Can’t Farm with One Hand Tied Behind Their Backs, NCGA Says After Ruling on Fertilizers

The U.S. Department of Commerce issued a final determination this week, saying that urea...

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June 16, 2022

Legislation that Would Tap Ethanol to Lower Gas Prices Secures Passage in U.S. House

The U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation today that would expand consumer access...

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June 16, 2022

Fertilizer Tariffs, Shortages Taking Toll on American Farmers and Relief is Needed, National Corn Grower Leader Tells International Trade Commission

Shortages in nitrogen fertilizers are placing an undue burden on farmers and could eventually be...

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June 8, 2022

McKalip to be Nominated to Serve as Ag Negotiator with USTR

President Biden announced today that he intends to nominate USDA advisor Doug McKalip to serve...

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June 1, 2022

Extended Access to Higher Ethanol Blends Will Save Consumers Money at the Gas Pump

A recent decision by the Biden administration to extend access to higher blends of ethanol...

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June 1, 2022

Even with Unprecedented Events in Washington, Good News Abounds for Farmers, Though Challenges Also Lay Ahead

I have spent close to 20 years living and working in our nation’s Capital, and I have never seen...

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May 24, 2022

NCGA President Provides Input on Pending Renewable Fuel Standard Volumes

A strong 2022 volume requirement under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is important as...

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May 23, 2022

Ag Groups Call For Withdrawal of Solicitor General’s Supreme Court Brief on Glyphosate That Would Create a Patchwork of Problems

In a letter to President Biden, 54 agricultural groups expressed grave concern with a recent...

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May 20, 2022

USDA Releases Emergency Relief Program Details for Producers Impacted by 2020 and 2021 Natural Disasters

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced this week details of the Farm Service Agency’s new

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May 13, 2022

NCGA on Ag Undersecretary Nominee Taylor: No Better Person for Position

President Biden announced today that he is appointing Alexis Taylor as undersecretary for trade...

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May 11, 2022

In Visit to Illinois Farm, Biden Commits to Helping Growers

Appearing on an Illinois family farm, President Biden announced today that his administration...

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May 4, 2022

NCGA Launches Call-to-Action Urging USDA to Help Ensure Fair Markets

Are you concerned about the rising input costs of your operation?   In response to the U.S....

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April 29, 2022

NCGA Thanks EPA for Following Through on President Biden’s E15 Emergency Waiver

The following is a statement from NCGA President Chris Edgington on today’s announcement from...

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April 29, 2022

Corn Farmer Outlines Farm Bill Priorities at First Field Hearing in Michigan

Today, U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), Chairwoman of the U.S. Senate Committee on...

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April 12, 2022

Corn Growers Thank President Biden for Counting on Biofuels to Lower Costs, Boost Energy Independence

President Biden announced today that his administration would use existing authority to prevent...

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April 8, 2022

Biofuel & Ag Leaders Respond to EPA Decision to Reverse Refinery Exemptions, Decry Lack of Real Market Impact

Top farm and biofuel leaders responded to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s...

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March 29, 2022

Growers Welcome EPA Decision on Enlist, Hope for Continued Progress and Lessons Learned

Grower groups including the American Soybean Association, American Farm Bureau Federation,

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March 29, 2022

EP. 31 - Smooth Sailing on River Transportation Infrastructure, with Jim Tarmann and Tracy Zea

Jon celebrates a big win in Congress with the leaders of the Illinois Corn Growers and the...

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March 25, 2022

Bipartisan Members of Congress to U.S. International Trade Commission: This Is No Time for Tariffs on Fertilizers

Nearly 90 members of Congress sent a letter recently to the U.S. International Trade Commission...

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March 24, 2022

Corn Growers Call on the Biden Administration to Use Emergency Authority to Maintain Consumer Access to Lower-Cost Fuel

Corn grower leaders from 19 states sent an open letter to President Biden today calling on him...

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March 16, 2022

House Agriculture Committee Receives Feedback on the Role of USDA Programs in Addressing Climate Change

The U.S. House Committee on Agriculture held a hearing today to review the role USDA programs...

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March 10, 2022

Bill Introduced in Congress Would Provide Relief on Fertilizer Tariffs

Sen. Roger Marshall, M.D., and Rep. Tracey Mann introduced the Emergency Relief from Duties...

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March 4, 2022

Biofuel & Ag Leaders Call on White House to Provide Relief at the Pump Through Higher Blends of Biofuels

To provide relief at the pump in response to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis while...

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March 2, 2022

Grower Leaders Gather to Expand their Advocacy Skills

The Advocating for Corn Effectively (ACE) Series brought together grower leaders from 12 states...

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March 1, 2022

NCGA President Provides Testimony on Farm Bill Commodity Programs

The president of the National Corn Growers Association spoke today before the U.S. House...

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February 22, 2022

Mark These CRP Deadlines on Your Calendar!

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) is a federally-funded and voluntary land conservation program...

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February 16, 2022

Senators Highlight Environmental, Economic Value of Ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard

Three U.S. senators today highlighted the environmental and economic benefits of corn ethanol...

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February 11, 2022

USDA’s Risk Management Agency Announces Pandemic Cover Crop Program for 2022

USDA’s Risk Management Agency just announced the continuation of the Pandemic Cover Crop Program...

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February 9, 2022

NCGA President Applauds EPA for Attempt to End RFS Waiver Abuse, Calls on Agency to Commit to Timely Release of Strong RFS Volume Standards

The National Corn Growers Association submitted comments this week applauding the Environmental...

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February 7, 2022

NCGA to EPA: New Definition of WOTUS will Hurt Farmers

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should refrain from moving forward with its rule that...

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February 2, 2022

Key U.S. Senators Call on EPA Administrator to Prioritize Renewable Fuels Standard as NCGA Calls on Farmers to Weigh In on Rule

Allies of corn growers in the U.S. Senate sent a letter to EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan...

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January 27, 2022

Farmers are Key to Successful Federal Environmental Mitigation Efforts, Ohio Farmers Tell Federal Agencies

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should look to farmers as it works to mitigate...

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January 25, 2022

With Reauthorization of the Farm Bill on the Horizon, Grower Leaders are Positioned to be Valuable Resource

As Washington prepares to debate the reauthorization of the farm bill in 2023, one group of...

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January 19, 2022

NCGA Expresses Concern that Proposed Waters of the U.S. Rule Could Extend Federal Regulatory Control of Farmland

The National Corn Growers Association cautioned EPA on Tuesday about moving forward with a rule...

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January 6, 2022

USDA NASS ARMS Survey Extended to Mid-January

Farmers are encouraged to respond to the USDA’s Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS)....

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January 5, 2022

USDA Announces Details for Pace Coverage

The U.S. Department of Agriculture today released the details and coverage of the new crop...

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January 4, 2022

NCGA to EPA: Renewable Fuel Standard Important to Farmers, Helps Lower Emissions

Timely implementation of meaningful Renewable Fuels Standard volumes provides certainty in...

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December 3, 2021

Government Grants Reprieve on Potash Sanctions Providing Win for Farmers

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Controls this week agreed to provide a...

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December 1, 2021

NCGA: Deeply Disappointed Fertilizer Companies, U.S. Commerce Department, Continue to Press for Tariffs at Expense of Farmers

The U.S. Department of Commerce today made a preliminary determination in favor of a complaint...

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November 30, 2021

NCGA: Remember to Submit Ballot for FSA Committee Positions

NCGA reminds corn growers that the deadline is approaching to submit ballots for the Farm...

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November 19, 2021

House Passes $1.7 Trillion Build Back Better Legislation, Allocating $82 Billion in Funding For Agriculture to Address Climate Change

Bill Steers Clear of Harmful Tax Changes for Farmers   The House of Representatives voted...

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November 18, 2021

NCGA: Proposed Rule on Waters of the U.S. A Step Back, Confusing for Farmers

Today, The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Army released a proposed rule...

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November 16, 2021

NCGA: EPA Didn’t Use Best Available Data in Popular Herbicides Used by Farmers

NCGA said today that the EPA did not use the best available science and data in the recently...

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October 1, 2021

NCGA Applauds Congress for Funding Disaster Assistance for Farmers

Farmers who have been impacted by extreme weather patterns will see relief thanks to funding...

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September 29, 2021

USDA Announces New Climate Project

The Secretary of Agriculture announced today that the administration will launch a new...

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September 16, 2021

NCGA Participates in UN Food Systems Summit Stakeholder Listening Session

Colorado farmer and Market Development Action Team (MDAT) member Troy Schneider recently...

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September 13, 2021

Corn Growers React to Proposed Tax Changes

The House Ways and Means Committee today released its draft bill, which includes tax provisions...

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September 10, 2021

Corn Growers, Farm Organizations, and Small Businesses Tell Congress Tax Proposals Would Hurt the Economy

The National Corn Growers Association continued this week to fight to protect tax priorities for...

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August 31, 2021

NCGA to EPA: Don’t Saddle Farmers with Unnecessary Water Regulations

Federal regulations on remote bodies of water will hurt farmers without providing any...

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August 9, 2021

Biofuel and Ag Leaders Call for Accountable Life Cycle Analysis for SAF Tax Credits

On Friday, Growth Energy, American Farm Bureau Federation, National Biodiesel Board, National...

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July 20, 2021

NCGA Expresses Opposition to Anti-Ethanol Legislation

The National Corn Growers Association strongly opposes a bill that was introduced in the U.S....

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June 23, 2021

New NCGA-KCOE ISOM Report Explores Tax Proposals

A new report commissioned by the National Corn Growers Association’s (NCGA) Risk Management &...

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June 11, 2021

Deadline for Cover Crop Insurance Premium Benefit Quickly Approaching

In order to qualify for the new federal Pandemic Cover Crop Program (PCCP), the U.S. Department...

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June 10, 2021

NCGA Statement: NCGA Expresses Disappointment in EPA’s Intent to Revise Definition of WOTUS

NCGA President John Linder made the following statement after the Environmental Protection...

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June 3, 2021

Corn Growers Welcome Stepped-up Basis Defense

U.S. House Agriculture Committee Chairman David Scott (D-GA) sent a letter yesterday to...

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May 20, 2021

Webinar Dives into Proposed Legislation and Impacts on Taxes

KCoe Isom, a food and agriculture consulting and accounting firm, will be holding a webinar for...

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May 19, 2021

U.S. Court of Appeals Vacates Three Small Refinery Exemptions from the Previous Administration

National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) President John Linder made the following statement...

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May 11, 2021

NCGA Joins Agricultural Tax Priorities Letter to Congress

This week, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) joined 39 agricultural organizations in...

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May 6, 2021

NCGA Statement on America the Beautiful Initiative

President Biden released a report today detailing their vision for the “America the Beautiful”...

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April 26, 2021

Biofuels Coalition Readies for Oral Arguments in Supreme Court

In oral arguments scheduled for Tuesday morning, four agriculture and biofuel organizations...

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April 22, 2021

NCGA Supports Reintroduction of Senate Climate Policy Legislation

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) applauds the bipartisan reintroduction of the...

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April 19, 2021

NCGA Statement on Robert Bonnie

“We’re pleased to learn President Biden has nominated Robert Bonnie to be the next Under...

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April 13, 2021

Focus on Infrastructure: Rural Broadband

The American Jobs Plan, the Biden Administration’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, includes...

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April 13, 2021

RFA, Growth Energy and NCGA Defend Year-Round E15 in Court

Today, the D.C. Circuit Court will hear oral arguments in American Fuel & Petrochemical...

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April 6, 2021

USDA Pandemic Assistance for Producers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on March 24 Pandemic Assistance for...

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March 17, 2021

Senate Confirms Tai for U.S. Trade Representative

The U.S. Senate today confirmed Katherine Tai to serve as U.S. Trade Representative (USTR),...

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March 11, 2021

Regan Confirmed to Lead EPA

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday confirmed Michael Regan, on a 66-34 vote, to serve as Administrator...

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March 10, 2021

American Rescue Plan to Provide Additional Relief Amid COVID-19

The U.S. House of Representatives today passed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (H.R. 1319),...

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February 24, 2021

NCGA Leads Call for Farmer Participation in Paycheck Protection Program

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), along with K·Coe Isom, today led a coalition of 35...

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February 23, 2021

NCGA Congratulates Tom Vilsack on Senate Confirmation to Lead USDA

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) today congratulated Tom Vilsack on his Senate...

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February 16, 2021

Enrollment for 2021 Agriculture Risk Coverage, Price Loss Coverage Programs Deadline Nears

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently announced that producers who have not yet...

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February 4, 2021

Senate Shows Support for Ethanol

A flurry of positive action in support of renewable fuels took place in the U.S. Senate this...

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January 28, 2021

NCGA Welcomes New Members of Congress with Virtual Open House

The National Corn Growers Association Officer Team on Tuesday hosted a virtual open house for...

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January 27, 2021

Court Seeks Status Report on EPA Compliance with Order on Renewable Volumes

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit today directed the U.S....

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January 20, 2021

Corn Grower Leaders to President Biden: We Stand Ready to Work with You

Leaders of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) today congratulated President Biden on...

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January 19, 2021

NCGA: EPA Undercuts Corn Farmers, Ethanol Again

National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) President John Linder today made the following...

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January 15, 2021

EPA Takes Positive Steps Forward for Ethanol

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today issued proposed regulatory changes related to...

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January 6, 2021

USDA Announces Quality Loss Assistance

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) yesterday

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December 22, 2020

NCGA Recognizes Long-Serving Agriculture Committee Leaders

As the 117th Congress comes to a close, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) is...

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December 22, 2020

Congress Provides Farm and Food Relief

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) today welcomed Congressional approval of H.R. 133,...

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December 18, 2020

NCGA Statement: Regan nominated to Lead EPA

National Corn Growers Association President John Linder today made the below statement following...

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December 15, 2020

Legislation Seeking to Curb Rising Rural Suicide Rate Approved by Congress

The Seeding Rural Resilience Act, legislation aimed at curbing the rising rate of suicide in...

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December 10, 2020

NCGA Statement: Nomination of Tom Vilsack to lead U.S. Department of Agriculture

National Corn Growers Association President John Linder today welcomed the nomination of former...

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December 4, 2020

Setting the Stage for the Next Generation Fuels Act

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) has long sought new and creative ways to build...

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December 3, 2020

NCGA Statement: Thompson to Serve as U.S. House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member

National Corn Growers Association President John Linder today made the following statement after...

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December 3, 2020

NCGA Statement: Scott to Lead U.S. House Agriculture Committee

National Corn Growers Association President John Linder today made the following statement after...

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December 3, 2020

Congress Reauthorizes U.S. Grain Standards Act

The U.S. House of Representatives late Wednesday approved the U.S. Grain Standards...

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October 26, 2020

NCGA to EPA: Remove Barriers to Increase Ethanol Demand

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) today, along with 14 state affiliate associations,...

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October 20, 2020

EP. 12 - A Wild Ride: Outgoing NCGA President Kevin Ross on his Eventful Term in Office

The NCGA’s outgoing President Kevin Ross had a term in office unlike any other. From a Twitter...

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October 8, 2020

NCGA Joins Secretary Perdue Supporting Higher Blends of Ethanol

National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) First Vice President Chris Edgington, along with...

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September 23, 2020

Sign Up for CFAP 2 Available for Corn Farmers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture last Friday announced $14 billion in additional aid from the

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September 18, 2020

NCGA Welcomes Additional USDA COVID-19 Assistance for Corn Farmers

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) today said additional aid from the Commodity...

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September 16, 2020

Peterson Effort to Address RFS Waivers Moves Forward

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce Tuesday released legislation containing provisions of...

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September 15, 2020

Agriculture Organizations Tell Congress USDA Needs Tools to Help Farmers

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) today joined the American Farm Bureau Federation...

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August 19, 2020

NCGA and Leaders of American Agriculture

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) Tuesday evening joined Leaders of American...

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July 23, 2020

Virtual Fly-In Gives Growers Opportunity to Meet with Members of Congress

The National Corn Growers Association remains hard at work to help improve the economic...

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July 2, 2020

NCGA Submits Fueling Regulations Comments to EPA

The National Corn Growers Association this week submitted comments to the Environmental...

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July 2, 2020

Agriculture Recognized in House Climate Report

The U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis this week released a report titled,...

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June 24, 2020

Senate Agriculture Committee Reauthorizes Grain Standards Act

The U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry today approved the United...

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June 17, 2020

NCGA Encourages Court to Respect EPA Decision

NCGA joined a coalition of national grower trade associations today in urging the Ninth Circuit...

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May 19, 2020

NCGA Welcomes COVID-19 Assistance for Corn Farmers

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) today welcomed additional information from the...

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May 8, 2020

World Trade Month: Corn’s Top Markets, Mexico

The export of corn and corn products is vital to the nation’s economy, and NCGA has a deeply...

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April 2, 2020

Ep. 5 - Breaking Our Political Addictions, with U.S. Reps. Abigail Spanberger and Dusty Johnson

Creating a place to have a conversation instead of yelling at each other is one reason why NCGA...

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March 30, 2020

CARES Act Includes Support for Agriculture

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, H.R. 748, was signed by...

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March 24, 2020

NCGA Urges Congress Support CCC Authority

The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) joined a wide range of agriculture organizations in...

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February 20, 2020

Farmers Join Forces for Sustainability and Responsible Climate Policy

This week, NCGA joined 21 farm groups to publicly launch Farmers for a Sustainable Future (FSF)....

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February 13, 2020

USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue Confirmed as Keynote Speaker at 2020 Commodity Classic

Secretary Perdue came by his knowledge of agriculture early: He was born into a farming family...

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February 4, 2020

Stoskopf Joins NCGA Washington Office

Wayne Stoskopf has joined NCGA’s Washington, D.C. office as Director for Public Policy for Risk...

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February 4, 2020

NCGA’s Annual Report Reflects On Significant Wins Amidst Challenging Times

The National Corn Growers Association’s Ann ual Report for the 2019 fiscal year is now available...

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