North Dakota and Illinois Field Notes

June 15, 2020

North Dakota and Illinois Field Notes

Jun 15, 2020

Key Issues:Production

Author: Cathryn Wojcicki


“We finished harvesting 2019 corn on June 1. We finished planting 2020 corn, at least what we could, just a hair before that. Now, we’re planting our edible beans. We grow navy and pinto beans. We had two inches of rain about two weeks ago. Today, we’re planting one more field of edible beans, and we’ll hang it up after that. We’ve planted less corn, in terms of the percentages of acres we intended, in 2019. In North Dakota, planting went worse than even last year.”

– Randy Melvin, North Dakota farmer



“Our corn looks good. It is anywhere from knee to shoulder high. It is ready to grow, and we’ve finished side dressing.”

– Jim Raben, Illinois farmer