Iowa and Missouri Field Notes

August 3, 2020


“Looking at the same field I have all season before reporting, the corn is tasseled out, has brown silk and the ears filled out nicely. That said, I do have cracks in the ground as there hasn’t been a significant rain here in the month of July. I now have gravel pockets that are starting to yellow, but it is nothing like my friends to the west. They are in a drought so significant it isn’t clear if a rain now would make a great difference in the crop.”

– April Hemmes, Iowa farmer



“With our corn, everything looks good here. The kernels are well developed but a long way from dent. Right now, the crop condition is probably good to excellent. We have been lucky to have weather that was really about perfect for this green phase with warmer days and cooler nights.”

– Addie Yoder, Missouri farmer