Kansas and Nebraska Field Notes

September 8, 2020

Kansas and Nebraska Field Notes

Sep 8, 2020

Key Issues:Production

Author: Cathryn Wojcicki


“Forecasts say that we are getting cooler weather and more moisture this week. If it does stay dry enough, we may start picking some high-moisture corn at the end of the week. So far, we are seeing decent test weights and yields but, given temperatures that topped 90 degrees and strong winds over the weekend, the test weights might not be as good as they could have been.”


– Lowell Neitzel, Kansas farmer



“Tonight’s forecast shows that our low temperature should be 34 degrees, which would keep precipitation from turning into snow. Last night, we saw rain and hail, and it hasn’t climbed out of the 30s yet today. A hard frost would take some off our top-end yield. Even the temperatures already here might stop the corn from filling out the kernels. If we had gotten another ten days of warm, sunny weather, we would have had a great crop.”


– Andy Jobman, Nebraska farmer