You Can Turn Your Pest Practices into Best Practices

June 19, 2020

You Can Turn Your Pest Practices into Best Practices

Jun 19, 2020

Key Issues:Production

Author: Mark Lambert

June 22 launches the third annual Pest (Pest Elimination Strategies and Tactics) week, and NCGA urges you to turn your pest practices into best practices by downloading the ultimate mobile tool at or @TakeActionWeeds in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Pest week is a one-week effort to boost awareness around the Take Action program, resistance issues and resistance management best practices. With 161 herbicide-resistant weed species reported in the U.S., there has never been a better time to tackle tough test issues.


NCGA, with the investment of state corn grower checkoff dollars, and Soy checkoff partnered on the development of the Take Action Pesticide Resistance Management Program to building awareness of the best ways to handle weeds, insects and diseases in your field this growing season. You can learn a lot more here.


Mid-season is a crucial time of year for weeds, insects and diseases, so it is a great time to tackle resistance engagement and nip pesticide resistance in the bud.