President Biden Outlines Infrastructure Proposal

March 31, 2021

President Biden Outlines Infrastructure Proposal

Mar 31, 2021

Key Issues:Transportation and Infrastructure

Author: Liz Friedlander

President Biden today unveiled his American Jobs Plan, a $2 trillion infrastructure proposal investing in a wide range of infrastructure areas. The White House describes the American Jobs Plan as “an investment in America that will create millions of good jobs, rebuild our country’s infrastructure, and position the United States to out-compete China.”


The proposal includes:

  • $115 billion to repair roads and bridges
  • $100 billion to expand high-speed broadband across the country
  • $100 billion to upgrade and build new schools
  • Investment in climate and clean energy infrastructure


Congress will ultimately decide and vote on, the provisions included in any infrastructure legislation. Discussions on Capitol Hill regarding an infrastructure package are currently taking place and NCGA is sharing corn farmer priorities with members of the House and Senate.


The proposal’s $115 billion to modernize 20,000 miles of highways as well as roads and bridges would target the most economically significant large bridges and repair the worst 10,000 smaller bridges. The proposal also includes $17 billion for inland waterways, coastal ports, land ports of entry, and ferries.


The $100 billion to expand high-speed internet would enable 100 percent access across the entire country. This proposal will prioritize support for broadband networks owned, operated by, or affiliated with local governments, non-profits, and cooperatives. This will also reduce the cost of broadband internet service and promote more widespread adoption.


The Biden proposal also highlights the need to address climate change, reduce emissions, and promote clean air and energy, including investments in the electric vehicle market. NCGA is urging lawmakers account for ethanol’s low-carbon benefits, available today, in any future infrastructure package.


The Biden Administration is proposing paying for the infrastructure package with the Made in America Tax Plan. The tax plan would raise more than $2 trillion over 15 years by reforming corporate tax rules, among other provisions.