#ICYMI: Cattlemen to Cattlemen Episode Focuses on Sustainable Synergies Between Corn and Beef

October 15, 2021

#ICYMI: Cattlemen to Cattlemen Episode Focuses on Sustainable Synergies Between Corn and Beef

Oct 15, 2021

Key Issues:Animal Agriculture

Author: Julie Busse

Beef and Corn: Working Together in a Sustainable System was the focus of a recent episode on the National Cattlemen Beef Association’s (NCBA) series Cattlemen to Cattlemen on RFD-TV. Panelists discuss sustainability practices on their farms, the benefits of next-generation feed products, how the ethanol industry has impacted corn and beef producers, and more. The episode was filmed at the Certified Angus Beef headquarters in Wooster, Ohio with panelists from the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), NCBA, and Certified Angus Beef (CAB). The episode aired on Tuesday, September 28th on RFD-TV at 8:30 PM ET.


“It is important for corn farmers and beef producers to work together so both industries remain sustainable, both environmentally and economically, for the years to come,” said NCGA Chairman John Linder. “Beef cattle is one of our largest customers. One out of four bushels of added corn demand is due to beef and pork exports, with the beef industry providing $5.7 billion in corn value and consuming 1.2 billion bushels of grain. DDGS account for nearly 8 percent of total domestic corn usage.”


 NCBA's Cattlemen to Cattlemen is a television show for cattlemen created by cattlemen. The episode featuring corn growers is not scheduled yet but will air on RFD-TV. The show is hosted by Colorado cattle producer Kevin Ochsner.


Panel participants include Bruce Cobb, Executive Vice President of Production for Certified Angus Beef; NCGA President and Ohio farmer John Linder; Brandon Hunnicutt, a Nebraska farmer and NCGA corn board member; Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association Vice President Ben Klick, who raises both corn and beef; and NCBA President-Elect and Minnesota farmer Don Schiefelbein.


NCGA’s Market Development Action Team (MDAT) funded this initiative. You can watch this year’s episode here. You can watch last year’s episode here.