NCGA Mourns Sen. Robert J. Dole’s Passing

December 6, 2021

NCGA Mourns Sen. Robert J. Dole’s Passing

Dec 6, 2021

Author: Bryan Goodman

In response to the passing of Sen. Robert J. Dole of Kansas, NCGA CEO Jon Doggett released the following statement: 


“We are deeply saddened by the death of Sen. Dole. A champion for farmers, Sen. Dole was crucial in forging important and long-lasting coalitions to pass Farm Bills through Congress, at times having to navigate steep budget cuts to do so. As Senate Republican Leader, he worked with colleagues across the aisle to promote disability rights and address hunger in America and abroad. The senator was a war hero and true statesman who cared deeply about America. Dole’s legacy should remind us all that when we connect through humor and work together we can tackle major issues for this great country.”