A New Tool for Your BMP Toolbelt!

July 5, 2022

A New Tool for Your BMP Toolbelt!

Jul 5, 2022

Key Issues:Production

Author: Stacey Stiens


NCGA has a new tool for growers: the Corn Rootworm Risk Tool. This calculator allows farmers to enter historical and current management data—along with corn rootworm intensity—to determine the potential risk of developing resistance to valuable Bt traits. By using the information submitted by the farmer or their technical advisor, the tool provides growers with a low-, medium-, or high-risk level and summarizes the appropriate best management practices for each scenario. 


This predictive tool is a helpful resource—not a replacement—for proactive conversations with technical advisors on what practices and strategies to employ. The ultimate objective of the calculator is to suppress corn rootworm populations using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and to assist farmers in maintaining the effectiveness of important tools—like Bt corn—for generations to come. 


Suppress insect pest populations and maintain the effectiveness of Bt products for future growing seasons! Visit btrisk.iwilltakeaction.com to assess your potential risk for resistance.


For additional insect-resistance BMPs:  iwilltakeaction.com/insects.


The Corn Rootworm Risk Tool was made possible thanks to financial support from Corteva Agriscience and technical support from the Agricultural Biotechnology Stewardship Technical Committee (ABSTC).