Collaboration Will Propel Advancements

October 6, 2022

Collaboration Will Propel Advancements

Oct 6, 2022

Key Issues:Sustainability

Author: Stacey Stiens

Field to Market has released the third edition of its annual report, Climate Action in U.S. Agriculture: A Compendium of Field to Market Member Climate Commitments, showcasing an increase in climate commitments across Field to Market’s diverse membership sectors. The compendium highlights the commitments of each of Field to Market’s membership sectors: affiliate, agribusiness, brand & retail, civil society and grower. By creating a clearinghouse of self-set sustainability and climate targets, companies and organizations are provided a one-stop shop where they can effectively benchmark goals, drive performance, facilitate collaboration, foster research and promote accountability.



  • 73% (117) of Field to Market’s 161 members have public commitments on climate action, growing from 68% in 2021.
  • 22% (17) of Field to Market’s 29 corporate members have set science-based targets for emissions reductions.
  • 45% (5) of the 11 commodity crops engaged in the Alliance have set national targets for emissions reduction from all producers—corn, cotton, soybean, dairy and sorghum

“Our U.S. corn environmental sustainability goals were announced in June of 2021, and we continue to formulate on how best to assist our growers in reaching—and hopefully exceeding—these targets by 2030,” said Stewardship and Sustainability Director Rachel Orf.  “By creating conversation and transparency with organizations in both the private and public sectors, we are strengthening productivity and profitability across U.S. agriculture as a whole.”


Two of NCGA’s five goals for 2030 directly address climate concerns, and are documented in the compendium: 

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 13%
  • Increase energy use efficiency by 13%

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