NCGA President to EPA: Ensure Consumer Access to Higher Ethanol Blends

March 21, 2023

NCGA President to EPA: Ensure Consumer Access to Higher Ethanol Blends

Mar 21, 2023

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Author: Bryan Goodman

The president of the National Corn Growers Association urged EPA officials today to implement a petition from Midwest governors that would remove barriers to higher blends of ethanol and avoid further delay.


EPA’s public hearing reviewed the agency’s recent proposal to implement a plan from eight Midwest governors to require lower-volatility gasoline so drivers in those states continue to have year-round access to fuel with 15 percent ethanol, often marketed as Unleaded 88. EPA has proposed delaying implementation of the governors’ plan until 2024.


Haag took issue with the delays to date and urged EPA to avoid further delays in implementation. He also highlighted the emissions reduction benefits of E15 and the current cost savings of up to 20 cents or more per gallon when drivers choose E15.


“We are disappointed with EPA’s delayed response to states,” Minnesota farmer and NCGA President Tom Haag told EPA officials during the public hearing. “Governors submitted their initial request a year ago, allowing sufficient time for EPA to respond and implement for 2023. However, given the delayed response, we now strongly urge EPA to implement this rule with an effective date of April 28, 2024 -- as proposed --without further delay.”


Haag also took the opportunity to renew the ask for the Biden administration to also again act as summer approached to prevent a disruption in E15 availability in 2023 and increase the fuel supply, the same successful action EPA took last year.