National STEM Day – Celebrate Science!

November 8, 2023

National STEM Day – Celebrate Science!

Nov 8, 2023

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Author: Stacey Stiens

November 8 is a day to celebrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Need any ideas for how you can inspire young minds for agricultural science? We’ve got you covered!


  • Find activities and lessons on biotechnology, biofuels, water quality, soil and sustainability by visiting the Nourish the Future's (NTF) curriculum page
  • 4-H’s STEM and Agriculture programs cover topics not limited to Engineering & Technology, Environmental Science & Alternative energy, and Plant & Animal Science.
  • For younger readers, check out Kansas Corn STEM’s book, “We Grow Corn.”  There are additional activities, videos and resources to help with corn-centric hands-on learning.
  • Texas Corn Producers also have a collection of Educational Resources to keep K-4 students engaged and learning about the world of agriculture.
  • For older students, broaden their horizons in career pathways with a tour of FFA’s Ag Explorer.
  • Utilize some corn quick facts and resources from Ohio Corn & Wheat’s Feed the World website.
  • Education isn’t just for kids! Life-long learners of any age can find various resources and activities on Iowa Corn’s education landing page.

NCGA believes agriculture is a vital partner in engaging students in STEM concepts in ways that directly and indirectly impact their lives and the lives of farmers. Not only does teaching an ag-based curriculum in the science classroom inspire students to solve real-world science issues, but it also exposes students to pathways in agriculture-related careers.