Apr 2023

Apr 4, 2023

An Exciting Start to Spring for America’s Corn Growers

Key Issues: EthanolHigh-Octane Low-Carbon

Author: Kathy Reding Bergren

Last month was marked by momentum from both the new Congress and our NCGA team. The reintroduction of bills that advance ethanol as an energy, climate and economic solution and our ongoing congressional education campaigns continue to keep NCGA an active voice when it comes to promoting renewable fuels. We are advancing our ethanol policy priorities, but there is much more to be done. Here is the latest on our efforts and what is to come for NCGA.   Next Generation Fuels Act Reintroduction. Recently, the U.S. Senate and House reintroduced legislation that has been a top advocacy priority for NCGA and state corn grower associations – the Next Generation Fuels Act. This bipartisan bill would establish a clean, high-octane standard for fuel to enable automakers to deploy advanced engines that improve vehicle fuel efficiency and cut emissions, taking advantage of higher ethanol blends. Our message to Congress is that the Next Generation Fuels Act will lower fuel prices, reduce...

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