Jan 2024

Jan 29, 2024

Congress’ Priorities Must Include Advancing America’s Clean Energy Future

Key Issues: Ethanol

Author: Neil Caskey

Article Published by RealClear Energy January 29, 2024   The winter months are well underway, bringing cooler weather and the excitement of a new year. This time serves as a reminder of the goals we’ve set in 2023, and the effort we’ve given to see them through.   There is one goal, however, that still needs our attention in 2024: securing a cleaner future for our nation. To move us forward in this pursuit, Congress must add prioritizing renewable fuels like ethanol to its list of new year’s resolutions.   Ethanol, made from corn produced by farmers throughout America, is a commonsense solution to enhancing U.S. energy security, providing price stability at the gas pump and supporting a more sustainable future. In fact, an analysis from the Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory finds this renewable fuel results in up to 52% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline.   Today, nearly every gallon of gasoline in the U.S. contains at least 10% ethanol, and by...

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Jan 11, 2024

Shaping the Future for America’s Corn Farmers in 2024

Author: Harold Wolle

I love this time of year, as it’s filled with family gatherings, enjoying the time-honored Minnesota pastime of ice fishing and planning for the planting season ahead.   As president of the National Corn Growers Association, I am also thinking about the advocacy work that is needed to better enable you to plant, grow, harvest and sell your crops. With major agricultural legislation pending in Congress, we have a real opportunity this year to Shape the Future.   Here is just a sampling of what we plan to tackle over the next 12 months:   Advocating for reauthorization of the Farm Bill. We will work closely with policymakers to ensure that a Farm Bill that includes all the priorities of corn growers is passed this year. Ensuring future ethanol demand. We are working to increase demand for ethanol by securing congressional support for the Next Generation Fuels Act and advocating for the use of ethanol in sustainable aviation fuel. Promoting free, fair and open trade....

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