May 22, 2023

EPA's summer approval of E15 should be the first step toward a long-term fuel solution

Key Issues: Ethanol

Author: Neil Caskey

Published by Washington Examiner on May 19, 2023   Thank you to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for working with the Department of Energy, Department of Agriculture and supportive members of Congress to prevent a disruption in the sale of E15 fuel through the coming months.   Last year, the EPA took the same action, saving drivers throughout the country anywhere from 23 cents to nearly one dollar per gallon. The EPA’s work to expand access to E15 not only lowers prices at the pump, it also helps increase fuel supply, reduce harmful emissions and strengthen our country’s clean energy future.   Neil Caskey, NCGA CEO, discusses in the Washington Examiner how to make this a permanent solution.   With the summer driving season around the corner, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has once again used its existing authority to prevent consumers from losing access to a lower-cost and lower-emission fuel choice. At a time when gas prices and demand rise, maintaining...

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