May 16, 2023

Fuel Your Summer with E15: An Affordable, Homegrown Option

Key Issues: Ethanol

Author: National Corn Growers Association

Temperatures aren’t the only thing rising as Americans look forward to summer vacation – gas prices are higher due to the increased amount of drivers on the road, along with OPEC’s recent decision to cut oil production by more than three million barrels per day. Thankfully, a growing number of retailers are offering consumers an affordable, sustainable fuel solution.   E15 – often marketed as Unleaded 88 – saves consumers money at the pump, all while increasing our country’s fuel supply and reducing greenhouse gas and tailpipe emissions.   What is E15? Produced from corn, ethanol is a renewable biofuel used to make E15 – a fuel blend made up of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline. E15 is approved for use in any 2001 and newer vehicle accounting for more than 96 percent of vehicles on the road. A comparison of pump prices from more than 550 retail stations during the past year shows drivers saved at least 25 cents per gallon with E15, and many retailers offer E15 at an...

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