The Corn Feed

Dec 1, 2022

Three Ways Today’s Ethanol Advances a Clean, Affordable Energy Future

Author: The National Corn Growers Association

America is in search of long-term energy and climate solutions. In recent years, we have battled high inflation and supply chain disruptions, rising energy costs and interest rates, and persisting effects of climate change. But America’s corn growers are taking action today to create tomorrow’s long-term energy and climate solutions.   Across the country, farmers are fueling our nation’s clean energy future through the production of corn-based ethanol. Today’s ethanol plays a key role in enhancing U.S. energy independence, providing affordable fuel choices for American consumers and combatting climate change. Going forward, we need all environmental and economic solutions on the table, and low-cost, low-carbon ethanol is ready to contribute even more.   Reducing Dependence on Foreign Energy Sources Fuel prices often fluctuate, but over the past year, Americans witnessed record highs. Yet, ethanol continues to be priced lower than gasoline, and higher ethanol blends such as E15,...

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