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Aug 29, 2023

Spot Spray Technologies Extension Webinar Coming on September 6

Key Issues: Production

Author: Glenn Nice

Content provided by Glenn Nice, University of Wisconsin-Madison   The University of Wisconsin-Extension will be hosting a Spot Spray Technologies Extension Zoom Webinar on Wednesday, September 6 from noon to 2 p.m. CT. It will address the use of novel technologies with real-time camera-based weed detection systems for site-specific weed management (aka spot spraying) such as the Blue River Technology John Deere See & Spray Ultimate, One Smart Spray (Bosch-BASF joint venture), and the Greeneye technology. Each technology accounts for spatial variation in weed density by spraying foliar herbicides only on areas with weed infestation (“green-on-brown” for burndown PRE-emergence applications and “green-on-green” for foliar POST-emergence applications).   The goal is to generate awareness and address agricultural stakeholder questions regarding these novel technologies. This FREE technical webinar is being organized by Rodrigo Werle and Glenn Nice, University of Wisconsin-Madison;...

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