Sep 6, 2022

US farmers can supply long-term energy and climate solutions

Key Issues: Ethanol

Author: Jon Doggett

Published Fox Business Sept. 6 2022   We must expand fuel choices and make ethanol more accessible across the U.S.   Up before the sun rises and into bed long after it sets, farmers spend their days supporting our nation. In fact, in times of crisis, American farmers have always been there to help. During the Civil War, farmers supplied troops with food, clothes and transportation. During World War II, they accelerated production to feed U.S. troops and allies in Europe.   American farmers are stepping up to the plate once again as our nation and the world face an ongoing energy crisis while battling the effects of record-high inflation and tackling climate change.   Although gas prices are beginning to trend downward and AAA’s national average has fallen below $4 per gallon, consumers are still feeling the pinch and some analysts are warning gas prices could climb back to $5 per gallon later this year. With energy costs continuing to be a major driver of inflation,...

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